Anti-workflow apps

“Workflow” programs hold as much promise. When it’s a CRM, project management tool, to-do list, or another tool, the guarantee in every instance is to clean up our cluttered lives and help us become more organized and powerful.

The issue, however, is that getting people to adopt a workflow is actually really hard. That is why there are numerous to-do programs on the market, each one having a slightly different user experience, and not one of these”just quite right” for everyone. Workflow programs are like Goldilocks’ porridge. Everyone is a bit different, and it is tough to get people to change.

Make me more effective without shoehorning me into a new workflow.

By way of instance, Zander has been constructing a side project named Ansatz, that’s the”anti-CRM”.

And I learned about Taco, that’s the”anti-ToDo” program — gives you a handle on all the things you will need to perform (as defined by starred emails, github tasks, zendesk tickets, etc), and puts it right where you need iton the Chrome new tab display (side note: Taco should merge with Momentum, which I adore ). So now, I will monitor and prioritize what I want to work on, without needing to embrace a to-do routine that I am guaranteed not to adhere to. Already, employing this has enabled me to manage my inbox, as I understand that I could archive starred emails understanding they will appear in my todo list, where I can prioritize them and work on them later when I have time.

Both these examples build on possibly the greatest productivity treasure trove: the inbox. For quite a very long time, I have wondered why we do not see better and more email analytics programs (Rapportive was among my favorites). Perhaps it’s because entrepreneurs are afraid of Google Inbox (I guess I’d be).

Regardless, it appears to me that there are an infinite number of ways to help me create my inbox more meaningful to me, and almost all of them are able to accomplish that using an anti-workflow strategy, which is a winning one IMHO.

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