The Indie Web

I like the idea that the internet makes it feasible to become an indie musician, dj or filmmaker, to be an indie craftspersonor maker , an indie journalist, writer, or an Cartoon scientist. At USV, we’ve got a word for all this, which is only”networks”. That is great and powerful as an investment thesis, but it is actually rather abstract as means of communicating the idea broadly. Anyhow, rather than attempt to”draw a box” around all of this — we rather attempted to (in Matt Brimer‘s proposal ) concentrate on the center — about the center opportunities, values, and methods which each one these communities believe in and function around.

  • Expressing creativity, self expression & individualism;
  • increasing personal liberty through community assistance;
  • generating economic empowerment;
  • valuing credibility and actual human relationship;
  • built on trust (as developed within each community);
  • and my favorite: Andrew Wagner‘s”as New York as a piece of pizza”

In my world, I concentrate a lot on words such as”innovation” and”networks” — but I think the thing that actually stood out to me about last night’s conversation was that the centrality of the human element. Allowing”real people” to perform new and amazing things. To get new economic opportunities for themselves, while at exactly the exact same time rediscovering community. The notion that stuck in my mind last night is all about the”Indie Web” — what is so interesting about the net and the networks of people on it’s they are at precisely the exact same time independent & individual AND hyper-connected. The fact that we are connected lets us be independent. It is almost a paradox. Last night in USV, we hosted the latest of many recent meetups on the”Peer Economy”. We’re in the process of coordinating several businesses and organizations that signify a specific sector of the online market in NYC, with an eye towards creating a more formal coalition (perhaps from the model of San Francisco’s BayShare) at a certain stage in the future. So, as a thought experiment, how might you explain the common approaches and values involving: And what makes most (if not all) of the potential is the ability to become an indie entrepreneur, whether that is via an open source project, a meetup, a web app, or perhaps a venture-backed company (that is, admittedly, a particular taste of”indie”). The point is, that on an open internet , we’ve got the unfettered ability to produce new items that empower people to do new things. That is pretty amazing and exciting. As is to be expected, we spent the majority of the discussion trying to determine what it is, exactly, that ties us all together. I believe there’s a fairly strong thread, but it is not immediately clear how to explain it. I hereby invite you, the world wide web, in the conversation.

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