Momentum on my mind

“do you think it’s far better to build your career around skills or about ideas?” .

Brittany immediately said”abilities” and I instantly said”thoughts”. We argued about it for a couple of minutes, and we both agreed that ideas and skills are equally important (duh) and you could naturally build either side in parallel.

“you need to build your career around momentum”

To put it differently, you need something to flow into the next, accumulating a crescendo of significance, reach and impact, that builds its own centre of gravity and energy. This really struck me, and was on my mind since that time. Now that I am writing this, it strikes me as a very natural solution to acquire from an investor, as momentum is exactly what startups expect to create — grip, energy, network effects,”the flywheel”.

Separately, the term momentum has been on my mind a lot recently due to the really awesome and inspirational Momentum chrome extension that replaces your”new tab” display with an inspirational picture and a simple prompt asking you what your goal for the day is. Mine looks like this now:

The thought of identifying a single focal point and priority to the day is refreshingly straightforward and surprisingly calming. And actually nailing your top priority, as opposed to getting spread thin and sprinkled across a million other items, is the way you build momentum.

Momentum. mmmmm.

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